Monday, October 13, 2008

Squirrel Craze / Start of an Era

Squirrel #1: This squirrel was last spotted at the Westhills College in Lemoore, CA of 2007. After a formal discussion with a friend, we encountered this creature sneaking out of the bushes. We had some nuts and chips so we decided to feed the thing. So there is the squirrel eating the nuts we gave it.

Squirrel #2: This squirrel was last spotted at the San Francisco Zoo (yes, BEFORE that guy was killed by the tiger: READ HERE This time, I did not feed the squirrel since it was already eating something...from the garbage.

Hopefully the squirrel doesn't mind me taking his photos...Until further notice, I will not be responsible for copyright claims.


Jerm said...

You should definitely check out "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time". It's simply an amazing movie. The way everything progresses has this way of getting you to smile and cry.

Well worth your time. =)

Anyway, how have you been?

Rokit said...

I've been good just getting back on track with school. =) I'll see if I can watch it on crunchroll, ( that what it's called XD)