Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 Scare Factor Test // Horror Films of October

So I'm writing again to display my interest for horror films since it is that season. I LOVED to be scared as crazy as that sounds but from an interesting article I read years ago, it is Healthy to be/get scared every once in awhile. (Not getting fearful of death.....not that kind of scare) What I mean by getting scared, the positive and safer way, watching a horror film, going to a haunted house, etc.. If you are that chicken, just watch or go with someone close or a family relative. =)

I'm going to invent this Scare Factor Test on how scary I think a film is:
A- Scary
B Spooky/Moderately Scary
B- Spooky/Less Scary
C Not Scary

Anyways, from now on, (I feel so behind since it's October 15th) I will be posting some recent horror films I've watched and post what I think about it. So moving forward, some films I've seen recently:

Masters of Horror: Imprint

Director: Takashi Miike (The Audition)
Runtime: 63 minutes
Release Date: September 26, 2006
Story: When a foreigner man travels the lands of Japan in search for his abandoned prostitute lover, he ends up on an island full of geisha prostitutes and evil. The foreigner meets with this geisha worker and discovers that his lover had hanged herself. This geisha soon reveals to the foreigner the secrets behind his lovers death and also the evil demon inside of her.

Thoughts: After being recommended this film, I thought this would be it! It's from the Master of Horror collection series AND it was "Banned from Cable Broadcast!" However after watching it, it has a little scare tactic and it is original in it's own story. May I add, this is one of the better Master of Horror films that I have watched.

This isn't the scary movie for me but then again, it did have its spooky and creepy parts however i will not list since I don't want to spoil it for you guys. There is a torture scene which is hard to watch and that itself is scary and makes Hostel look so small.

Recommend to: Any option takers for horror films, fans of Saw films
Avoid if: You get grossed out alot, can't watch Saw films, you are anti-abortionist

Scare Factor Score: Spooky/Less Scary (B-)
OVERALL: 8.5/10

Next Films to be Reviewed:
- The Audition [Expected Scare Factor: A-]
- Suicide Club (自殺サークル) [Expected Scare Factor: C]

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