Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bon Appétit // Phase #1

Starting today, I will start posting some interesting photos of foods and meals I make here. I'm quite the chef at my house when it comes down to making dinner or breakfast--my mother rarely cooks anymore due to some imperative issues, SO, since I moved back home this past August 2008, I have been cooking my but off more than ever!

Some Popular Meal Chocies:
-Meatball Marinated Sandwiches
-Enchiladas w/ rice
-Cumin Chicken (Juicy Flavored) MVC Choice!
-Garlic flavored Mashed Potatoes w/ Chicken
-Chinese: Fried Rice (homemade) w/ Orange Chicken
-Bean Stuffed Tacos (inspired from Taco Bell)
-Marinated Grilled Chicken w/ White Rice

I know I can name more but I just can't think of others but those are some of the popular choices I choose from. So, let's start with some photos of my meals:

Cumin Chicken
Was inspired to make this meal by a Mexcian Recipe book. Was looking for stuff outside the box, or something besides just cooked chicken over white rice. This one involved cooking throw a slow cooker while adding Green Peppers, Stewed Tomatoes, Onions, Cumin powder, with chicken. Once it started cooking, it smelled really good and the result came to be juicy chicken! This is why I choose this as the "Most Valued Chef" choice!

This is the only picture I have but I will make sure to keep on updating with some interesting meals. Next, I'd like to share a desert dish that I did not make but was very delicious from the restaurant called Claim Jumper:

This cake was very delicious and chocolatey! Too bad we shared that piece amongst 3 others since it was pricy but well worth every penny! I'm hoping next time, we can order this for my birthday which is next week, October 20th, 2008! (Turning 20 years old!)

Till then,
Thanks for reading.

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