Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are You Thinking Arby's?

Of course I am! However at this right exact moment, I am not thinking Arby's because I just got done eating one of their sandwhiches which was saved for after work. But it sure was love at first bite. Having tried Arby's nearly 15 years go, I'm disappointed with my mother for not taking us there at least once a year. See my mother did not like Arby's but still, just to try it. At this point I love Arby's and I would prefer Arby's over McDonalds ANYDAY! That is NOT to say I would prefer Arby's over Carl's Jr or Burger King.....that is just going over the top now.

Anyways, had to take a photo of the awesome deal I had using a coupon. The coupon was buy a small drink & small fry and get a free Roast Chicken Club Sandwhich. The total came out to be $3.18 which is really good considering the 'small' fries and drink wasn't small at all. The fries are curly too so that is a plus.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser OUT!

View Teaser Trailer:

The teaser looked really nice on a 60 inch Plasma 1080p TV. As this is the teaser, I cannot wait for the full trailer.

Friday, January 30, 2009


It's ALMOST time for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to air in between commercials during the Superbowl 2009 this Sunday (Feb.1). I'm totally phsyched and cannot wait! So begins the countdown till it releases in theaters this summer.

Star Trek comes out also which looks really nice, great work so far J.J. Abrams (Loved "Cloverfield", even though there were many haters of that awesome and creative film). James Cameron film "Avatar" comes out at the end of this year and that will surely be amazing to see once finished.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shiny New Artist // Ricochet!

So, I recently got into this band called Shiny Toy Guns. I saw their video of "Ricochet!" on MTV yesterday and liked the tempo of the song and it was pumping. This is the only song I've heard of them but I kinda have a feeling I will get into them much more in the future.

Visit their Myspace Page and you can hear 3 songs from them. Their song "Frozen Oceans" sounds good to me (a bit emo tho..), something a bit softer, and is reminisce of one of my favorite J-Rock/J-Pop artist OLIVIA's song "Space Halo."

So, hope you guys like them or at least try them out. =)

MTV: Choose or LOOSE (Petition)

Bill of Rights for American Veterans (BRAVE)By signing this petition I agree that we need to:

1. Properly treat mental health issues
2. Prevent homelessness among veterans
3. Give disabled vets the benefits they've earned
4. Fully fund our veterans' hospitals
5. Compensate troops made to serve longer
Taken from MTV Think's "Choose or Loose"

I never supported the war itself but always have supported the soldiers that are fighting for us. Having recently watched a special on MTV, they are sponsoring a petition to give are soldiers returning from the war all the benefits and hospitality they deserve. According to recent interviews with soldiers coming back from the war, they mentioned that they are not getting the attention they deserve so we must fight for them by signing this simple petition.

More news and information can be found at the site Choose or Loose.

To sign the petition, go to the site and find "Sign the Petition," fill out the required information and submit. It's really simple, does not require signing up or anything, just 5 seconds of your time.

» Sign the Petition!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Horror Films #2 Session

Audition by Miike Takashi
March 3, 2000
115 min.

SO, the movie that was recommended to me by not one but TWO people. Was told that it was the creepiest scary movie they've seen yet, so it was on my list to try out since my goal of October 2008 is to be scared. Did this one do the trick?

The movie starts out with the main character, Aoyama, being a widow since his wife's death. His son, Shigehiko, and friend both decide that it is time for Aoyama to start seeing woman and the friend does this by throwing an audition. The audition features over 20 woman however 1 woman, Asami, sparks for Aoyama. Aoyama first meets Asami through the audition but having previously read her application noting she was the one.

Asami comes off as this soft-spoken women in her early 20's and being very mysterious however Aoyama finds something really attracting. So, to make things short, her mysterious side starts to gradually show as we get to the end of the film, although the process of getting there is this 1 hour and 20 minute drama sequence that drove me insane truly. Being a foreign film with english subtitles, it was a bit tortuing to sit through it reading subtitles this long until the actual stuff comes on, the scenes that people want to see.

Having watched Miike's "Imprint" first, the Audition's tortue scenes do not compare and the tortue scene in Audition last about 15 minutes long while the majority of the film is talking, talking, mystery, and more talking! Overall, can't say I enjoyed this film nor did I think it was scary one bit. It was a little sickening but not scary. The story was a bit boring actually, and i really did not care about the characters except for Aoyama's friend since he was smart! He knew Asami was no good since her applications were full of lies and mystery.

Recommend to: Those enjoying dramatic build ups to a plotful climax.
Avoid if: Hate reading subtitles, have a weak stomach
Scare Factor Score: FAIL (C-)

Next film....

Suicide Club by Sion Sono
90 min.

Having watched this one before Audition, it was sort of like a relief film since this one was a bit better. This film was also recommended to me by an employee and Hollywood Video, saying it was intense and crazy. I would say this one is one of the most unique films I've seen in some time and it's full of suspensful scenes.

The story revovles around a detective trying to find out why a heard of school grils jumping in front of a train, having them die a gruesome death. Although, the suicidal deaths continue to grow in large numbers being a great mystery. There is a J-pop band named "Desert" featured throughout the film and they were suspected to have some involvement for the deaths from the start.

As the deaths continue growing, the detective struggles to find out what is going on, thus leading a young girl to discover the reasoning behind it all. Without giving too much away, there is a somewhat twist and this visual-kei group are suspected to be the leaders of this "Suicide Club" making it seem like the film is over but it continues. Could it be the J-pop band "Desert" behind it all?

Overall, the film is filled with LOTS of suicide deaths and that part of being tricked into going sucide is scary on its own. This film doesn't have ghost, killer-slasshers, torture scenes, but the thought of being consumed by trends and killing yourself is creepy. The first scene of 50 young girls jumping in front of the train has to be the most gruesome scene and the most surprising. Interesting story but the theme/concept was confusing and a blur. Had to read into it to discover that it's about "believing in yourself" and not to follow trends. (My final guess XD)

Recommend to: Movie-goers into different things, independent-goers, un-believers
Avoid if: Weak stomach, disapproves sucides
Scare Factor Score: Spooky/Moderately Scary (B)
OVERALL: 7.5/10

Last film for the day....

A Tale of Two Sisters by Kim Ji-woon
June 13, 2003
115 min.

Found out about this film in a forum I go to and checked out the trailer the same day. It looked like a great film that would be scary since it looks haunting. No doubt, the film is filled with ghostly scenes and it looks like the Grudge lady makes an appearance in here too! (Hopefully that didn't spoil anything, but myeah)

So without spoiling it for you, these sisters return home from the asylum bringing home secrets that have not been healed yet. The daughters come home to a step-mother which they have a hatred towards her. Their real mother had passed away and clues are revealed about the mother's death and the secrets behind the sister's identities shine.

Moving along, there is just a twist at the end, the grudge lady makes an appearance in this film a couple times being this scary person still. The film isn't too gruesome ither just haunting a bit. The story is interesting with the twist, the film direction is brilliant, the acting is on key. This movie is a bit spooky but not so much scary. It's not continious ghost scenes but more of a drama film.

Recommend to: Grudge and Ringu fans, twist-movie lovers, film lovers
Avoid if: haunting images/scenes mark you
Scare Factor Score: Spooky/Less Scary (B-)

So, these will probably be the last of the foreign films I will watch. October is coming to a close already and the next batch of films are all American films. If you have a foreign film that you want to recommend, please post them for me to consider. I will glady consider them but might not review them.

Next Films to be Reviewed:
- Amityville Horror (1979) [Expected Scare Factor: A]
- The Birds (1963) [Expected Scare Factor: C]
- Pshycho (1960)
[Expected Scare Factor: B]
- Poltergeist
[Expected Scare Factor: B-]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 Scare Factor Test // Horror Films of October

So I'm writing again to display my interest for horror films since it is that season. I LOVED to be scared as crazy as that sounds but from an interesting article I read years ago, it is Healthy to be/get scared every once in awhile. (Not getting fearful of death.....not that kind of scare) What I mean by getting scared, the positive and safer way, watching a horror film, going to a haunted house, etc.. If you are that chicken, just watch or go with someone close or a family relative. =)

I'm going to invent this Scare Factor Test on how scary I think a film is:
A- Scary
B Spooky/Moderately Scary
B- Spooky/Less Scary
C Not Scary

Anyways, from now on, (I feel so behind since it's October 15th) I will be posting some recent horror films I've watched and post what I think about it. So moving forward, some films I've seen recently:

Masters of Horror: Imprint

Director: Takashi Miike (The Audition)
Runtime: 63 minutes
Release Date: September 26, 2006
Story: When a foreigner man travels the lands of Japan in search for his abandoned prostitute lover, he ends up on an island full of geisha prostitutes and evil. The foreigner meets with this geisha worker and discovers that his lover had hanged herself. This geisha soon reveals to the foreigner the secrets behind his lovers death and also the evil demon inside of her.

Thoughts: After being recommended this film, I thought this would be it! It's from the Master of Horror collection series AND it was "Banned from Cable Broadcast!" However after watching it, it has a little scare tactic and it is original in it's own story. May I add, this is one of the better Master of Horror films that I have watched.

This isn't the scary movie for me but then again, it did have its spooky and creepy parts however i will not list since I don't want to spoil it for you guys. There is a torture scene which is hard to watch and that itself is scary and makes Hostel look so small.

Recommend to: Any option takers for horror films, fans of Saw films
Avoid if: You get grossed out alot, can't watch Saw films, you are anti-abortionist

Scare Factor Score: Spooky/Less Scary (B-)
OVERALL: 8.5/10

Next Films to be Reviewed:
- The Audition [Expected Scare Factor: A-]
- Suicide Club (自殺サークル) [Expected Scare Factor: C]