Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are You Thinking Arby's?

Of course I am! However at this right exact moment, I am not thinking Arby's because I just got done eating one of their sandwhiches which was saved for after work. But it sure was love at first bite. Having tried Arby's nearly 15 years go, I'm disappointed with my mother for not taking us there at least once a year. See my mother did not like Arby's but still, just to try it. At this point I love Arby's and I would prefer Arby's over McDonalds ANYDAY! That is NOT to say I would prefer Arby's over Carl's Jr or Burger King.....that is just going over the top now.

Anyways, had to take a photo of the awesome deal I had using a coupon. The coupon was buy a small drink & small fry and get a free Roast Chicken Club Sandwhich. The total came out to be $3.18 which is really good considering the 'small' fries and drink wasn't small at all. The fries are curly too so that is a plus.


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