Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Labor Day, Hello Fall!

Here is my second post in this duration of this cool blog. Today, I just realized the name of my previous blogspot account titled "Onix Planet" located here:

Onixplanet.blogspot | Rokit's [Other] Account

This blog account was created to promote a small home movie some friends and I made however that film never came out to be. BTW, I enjoy making films, home films for now, so I might share some videos here and there with you guys. We'll see if I go back to updating the other blog, I just might tho so don't lose hope. =) Maybe I will get back on track with making some more cool films.

Labor Day No More....Fall is Knocking on our doors?!

Labor Day was today and it was so-so for me. It is not like Christmas or Thanksgiving however it's a holiday that should be observed since it is suppose to be important... right? For labor day, I did do much besides watch some College Football.

To be honest, I'm not much of a football kind of guy, never was, however today after watching Fresno State winning against the Rutgers today, the feeling of your home team winning feels great. There is an upcoming game coming up in two weeks (Fresno State vs. Wisconsin) and I might end up going to the game.

*is watching Dog Whisper now*

So labor day being out of the way, here comes Fall!! Time passes by so fast, I can't imagine how fast it goes. October is the month of my birthday, turning 20 y/o finally! So here we go Fall!

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Jerm said...

You -should- be happy about turning 20. You're only 1 year away from being legal! xD

As for my desktop... Yes, it's Vista but I tweaked it a lot. The icons on the bottom are courtesy of Rocket Dock. The system stats are from Rainmeter.

I merely hid the taskbar and got rid of all the icons on my desktop. haha