Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our First Day :: Rokit's Introduction

0ur Last Day Blog is established finally. Literally, the blog url starts with the number "0" instead of the letter "o" since there is an owner with that url *cough*that does not update it*cough*

Anyways, it's ok since "0ur last day" looks similar in a sense and hopefully I will put some use into this blogging. Through this blogging, I would like to profile my personal life obstacles and such and would like to share and make friends through here. Myspace is too overrated and is primarily about "posting images of yourself" and "having the MOST friends" so I'm not going to do all that.

Video of the day

Gym Class Heroes - "Cookie Jar"

NOTE: Viewer/Hearer Discretion advised! xD I'm not much of a hiphop/r&b person but this song is addicting.

So everyone have a nice day!


Jerm said...


It's about time you joined the ranks. XD

How've you been doing?

Anonymous said...

i've been ok haha thanks for asking. Yeah I'm glad I finally made a blog account, they seem addicting. lol See you around!